Is CCT for You?

Who is Right for Cultural Canvas Thailand?

Everyone over the age of eighteen who wants to broaden their horizons, see new and different places and people, face fresh challenges with a sense of adventure and who can give a minimum of three weeks volunteer time, is right for Cultural Canvas.

Working People, Professionals and "Career Gappers"

Many people would like to volunteer abroad but because of work and career constraints, do not feel they have the block of time necessary for such an undertaking. One of the things that makes Cultural Canvas Thailand unique among other volunteer abroad programs is our flexibility. We can accommodate volunteers for relatively short periods of time as well as longer periods, thus making us an ideal choice for a wide range of would-be volunteers. This includes working people and professionals who might choose to spend their vacation time volunteering instead of lying on a beach - a change is as good as a rest after all - or people taking a longer break (career gappers) in the form of a leave-of-absence or a sabbatical.

Full-time Students and Teachers

Cultural Canvas could be an excellent way for full-time students and teachers or college professors to utilize and maximize their long vacations while getting some valuable experience in working abroad and of another culture first hand - many universities in the North East of the USA are closed for much of January which is an excellent time of year to be in South East Asia and, as above, our flexibility allows for short-term projects. An added bonus (though hopefully not the primary reason for considering this route) for students and junior teachers, regardless of your major or subject, is that volunteering abroad will certainly gild your resumé.

Gap Year Students

Cultural Canvas could be an ideal component in a Gap Year between high school and college, undergraduate and graduate school, or for college students taking a semester or two out from their studies. It offers an excellent opportunity to experience a different culture and world perspective while doing something really useful. Even the shortest stint with Cultural Canvas will be beneficial for someone starting out on the arduous and competitive journey through college life and beyond. For students, regardless of your major, volunteering abroad will be a maturing experience and, while it will not guarantee a place at college, grad school or the work place, it will certainly add to an application.