HIV/AIDS in Thailand

The first case of HIV was identified in Thailand in 1984 and over the subsequent two decades the national response has changed from notably proactive to a disappointing lull. Government funding for HIV-related projects declines more and more each year.

While Thailand's successful HIV prevention campaigns have reduced the national prevalence, HIV and AIDS are still stark realities in Thailand. Based upon available records, 21,000 people have died of AIDS and today nearly 600,000 people are living with the virus. The epidemic is also evolving: young people are again increasingly at risk of HIV, and Thailand is now in real danger of a resurgence in HIV infections.

There are many signs of a growing epidemic: the rate of STI transmission has increased, condom use has decreased and risky sexual behaviour is on the rise. There is a great need for new prevention campaigns so that safer sex messages will not be forgotten and the new generation of young people will not grow up ignorant of the risks they are facing.

Burmese Woman

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