Income Generation Internship

Needed: An artistic minded volunteer to oversee and develop products, education and marketing for an income generation project involving handmade cards, jewelry and other handmade products.

Project: Work with the residents of Wildflower Home to create and develop products for generating income. Wildflower is a home for single mothers who have been shunned from their local community or who have suffered abuse and have nowhere to turn. Through Wildflower the women have a place to live, child care support, education and skills training. CCT/ARI has been working closely with Wildflower to develop products that can be sold to help generate income for the organization. At the moment the women create hand painted saa paper cards using leaf printing techniques and beaded jewelry. They would like to expand their product base and incorporate traditional embroidery skills.

Internship Areas:


»Oversee production sessions daily from 1pm-4pm
»Oversee quality of product, work with the women to develop new designs and continue producing beautiful products and reinforce business skills principles (resource management, wasting materials, quality control)
»Develop new products with the women at the home and teach them the necessary skills to create these products


»Develop online marketing through Wildflower website and 3rd party websites
»Create partnerships with local and international outlets for selling products (target social issue network)
»Train the artists to market their own products
»Develop an onsite shop to generate income at Wildflower Home
»Target goals for funds produced through sales
»Develop methods to integrate the residents in the production and marketing process (may include training the staff and residents in necessary skills)
»Contribute to the development of a curriculum to be used to assist in teaching business skills

Minimum Duration: 8 weeks

The Program Fee Includes: Registration fees, donation to the host organization, pre-trip orientation materials, travel health insurance, in-country orientation and city tour, in-country transportation to and from placement, accommodation, food, Thai language training, in-country staff support, and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Donation to Host Organization:
If you are accepted as a volunteer by one of our partner organizations, $100 from the program fee is contributed toward your project.

Pre-trip Orientation:
Upon receiving your application and deposit, we will send to you the CCT Orientation Kit, containing all the necessary paperwork to entirely prepare you for your trip.
The orientation kit includes information on the issue pertaining to your project. It also includes a recommended reading list and information on Thailand , culture and customs.

In-country Orientation:
Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, whether by bus, plane or train, a Cultural Canvas Thailand staff member will be waiting to transport you to the Cultural Canvas Thailand headquarters where you will have an orientation. This will prepare you further for your chosen project and give you a chance to meet our staff and other volunteers. Our staff will make sure that you have a grasp on Chiang Mai by taking you around the city and helping you to get acquainted with Thai culture and the Home-Base.

Thai Language Training:
Cultural Canvas Thailand provides three hours of Thai language training in the first week of your volunteer placement. If you would like to study further, you can arrange to do so with our Thai teacher. Additional hours are not covered the by CCT program fee.

You will be housed in the Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base conveniently located near the old city center. Here all of your basic needs are taken care of, including lodgings, meals, telephone and transportation. The home-base is located in a safe, conveniently situated neighborhood. It is a clean Thai-style accommodation with shared occupancy rooms.

Our in-house cook will provide two delicious, home-cooked Thai meals per day six days per week. A light breakfast is always available with cereal, fruit, toast, coffee, and tea. On Sundays, volunteers can cook for themselves at the Home-Base or grab a bite to eat in one of the many near-by markets or restaurants. Please let us know any specific dietary restrictions in advance so that all of your needs can be taken care of.

Upon arrival and departure, Cultural Canvas Thailand will provide transportation between the CCT volunteer house and the airport, train station, bus station, etc. Cultural Canvas also provides daily transportation to and from your placement.

Support and Safety:
The Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base is in a secure location with staff available 24-hours a day. Here you can receive international calls and internet access is within walking distance.

In case of emergency, friends and family can call the home-base or use our convenient U.S. 24-hour hotline.

In case of injury you will be admitted to one of Chiang Mai’s high-quality, private hospitals.

We provide comprehensive medical insurance and emergency evacuation assistance.

Application Process:
Are you up to the task? Then complete the online application form. Use our secure online payment process to make your $300 deposit.

The application and deposit should be received 90 days prior to the commencement of your chosen project. For late applications, please inquire regarding availability, as exceptions can be made.
Full payment must be received 30 days prior to the commencement of your project in order to allow us enough time to provide you with the proper insurance and project placement.