The issues addressed on this website are the focus of Cultural Canvas Thailand but they are not what initially lured us here. The Kingdom of Thailand draws travelers from all over the world because of its renowned hospitability, delectable cuisine, and breath-taking natural retreats. The mountainous region of the north contains a host of ancient ruins, Buddhist temples, and the historic city of Chiang Mai . Thailand 's southern region stretches for hundreds of miles along the Malay Peninsula and is rich with tropical islands and stunning beaches.

Thailand Bridge

Eating ranks high on the list of Thai pleasures. Thai cuisine is spicy and medicinal, using market-fresh ingredients and local herbs for bursts of flavor and prevention of common ailments. Thai cuisine is the artful balance of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.

Young Monk

The main religion of Thailand is Buddhism, based on kindness and compassion to all beings. Temples can be seen dotted all over Thailand with intricate carvings of nagas, Buddhas, and elephants. You will be introduced to the Thai concept of "jai yen" ("cool heart"), which refers to the ability to remain calm, patient and level-headed. This philosophy of life contributes to the laidback welcoming atmosphere in this aptly named " Land of Smiles."