All of Cultural Canvas Thailand's volunteer placements deal with social issues such as discrimination and the abuse of basic human rights.

You will be learning about the lives of people from another culture and the problems they face such as poverty, hunger, disease, prejudice and many others. You will build relationships and gain an understanding of the issues confronting Thailand and many other parts of the world.

Each volunteer is a link in a long chain of volunteers. You are a small but very important piece of the greater work that is going on. Our volunteers hail from all over the world including the countries of: Australia, Brazil, France, United States, Germany, Ireland, England, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, and Sweden among others. Our program offers a unique and valuable opportunity to connect not only with Thai culture but also with the various cultures of our volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a Cultural Canvas Thailand volunteer, here is how to get started:

Review the program specifics for the issue of your interest. Don’t forget to look at start dates, program durations and program fees to help choose the appropriate program for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: info@culturalcanvas.com. We also recommend that you visit our Cultural Canvas Thailand Volunteer blog for personal insights from our past and present volunteers and staff.

Click to find out Program Specifics for the following placements:

Apply online. Fill out our online application form with secure online deposit. From here you will be guided through the rest of the application process.

Don't forget to read about Cultural Canvas Thailand’s focus issues. Keep in mind that all of the issues are related and that working with one will often mean working with another. If you do not see the issue that you are interested in, let us know by email at: info@culturalcanvas.com.